April 24, 2020

Hey all,

I hope everyone is getting through these difficult times as best as they can.  The situation we are in is unlike any other and cannot wrap my head around the situation. However, in the midst of all this there have been somethings I have started that have kept me tethered to reality and above all else have kept me sane.  In the beginning I thought COVID-19 would have been all handled in a few weeks.  As we are entering the sixth week COVID-19 quarantine, that notion has quickly left my mind.  This blog post will be called “New Ventures” because now is the time to do things that can better us for the future because like all bad storms this too shall pass.
             Throughout my quarantine I have started a few things that I plan to continue and pursue in the future, along with my professional golfing career.  One of my new ventures is becoming a life coach.  I am currently halfway through the process of getting my certification.  Just to provide a little background on life coaching, life coaching is not therapy.  Life coaching is about pushing you out of your comfort zones.  Comfort zones are dangerous places and they prevent us from getting to where we are supposed to go. As a life coach that is where I come in.  I act as the bridge between a person and their goals.  The space between you and your goals is so small and almost impossible to see and that is where I fit in, that tiny gap that you cannot go over.  It has always been something I have always wanted to pursue.  Since I started writing a blog, I felt that I have a lot to offer people and coupled with overcoming my own struggles.  I could use my training and experience as tools to help other people pursue their goals and dreams just as I am.  Becoming a life coach is really important to me because helping people reach their dreams and pursue their goals is the core of humanity.  As humans it’s our job to help others, to push our limits and create a better future.  My goal throughout life coaching is that if I can even help one person bridge the gap and get to their goals and dreams, I will have done my job.
          Life is all about choices, and we have a choice to make during our current situation.  We can choose to waste this time at home and turn into couch potatoes or we can better ourselves.  While what is happening in our world is horrible, we have been given the gift of time, a gift we probably will not get again.  You can choose to be stuck in your house or you can choose to better yourself, improve your mind, body, and soul. So today, I challenge all my readers to start something new, start a new project, learn a new craft, or add a new skill to your toolbelt.  If we all better ourselves in one small way, when all this is over, and we come together again we will turn our world into a better place to live.  The gift of time does not come around quite often and so do not waste it. Stay safe, stay healthy, and reach out if you need help figuring out a new venture.  I would be more than happy to help!
            Each week I leave you all with a quote, this week’s quote is short and sweet and has been a mantra of mine for quite some time now.  These are words we need to live by because we have one life to live and we are in it together.

“We rise by lifting others”