2020 Summer Tournaments

July 26, 2020

Hey Everyone,

It’s been quite some time since I have written my blog, life’s been pretty busy the last couple months. Obviously, this summer has not been like others, but on the bright side I have been playing and practicing close to 7 days a week. Throughout this pandemic, it has given me a lot of perspective on what is important in life and who is important for that matter. However, for this week since all of my tournaments are starting up again, after being rescheduled, I will be giving Team Mike an update.

Last week was my first championship event for the summer. I played in the New Jersey State open. However, this year did not go as planned. I ultimately missed the cut by 1 stroke. Missing the cut stinks especially when you are playing well and missing by 1 hurts a little more.  Moving forward I will be playing in the New Jersey State Amateur on August 3rd and 4th.  So, we will be looking to get back on track next week.  Following the NJ State Amateur, I have the IKE, ran by the MGA.  This summer’s golf events are unusual because everything got pushed back so this year, I have 4 championship events within 3 weeks.

From a playing perspective my game has grown more in the past two months than in has over the past year.  I have really got a whole new outlook on the game, and more so on life in the midst of this pandemic.  I always say, “this year has given me the gift of time”.  Since so many things are not what they used to be, I have used the time to work and grind on the golf course and I am finally seeing it pay off.  My confidence level has reached a level that I have not felt for a long time and it is a feeling like no other.

While it is me swinging the clubs my parents and girlfriend have been the real ones crushing it behind the scenes for me.  My dad has been mapping out courses, making yardage books and caddying for me, no matter the conditions.  My mom is always making sure I am fed and cooking the best meals, while being my biggest fan even when spectators aren’t permitted.  Finally, my girlfriend Gabby. She has been pushing me to not only become a better player, but an even better person and always giving me the best preround pep talks.  I have always thought golf is a sport you can do alone but these past 6 months have shown me that it’s impossible to do it alone.

I want to keep thanking Team Mike for the constant love and support.  I would not be here without my team. Much Love.  We are not done yet, were just getting started.

“Let Your Failures Inspire You!!”