December 5, 2019

It’s been a little longer than I wanted to post my next blog post, but as you all know it can get pretty busy down here. The past week has been pretty crazy. I ended up flying home for the Thanksgiving this year which was incredible. It was really nice being home for a few days seeing my parents, my brother and my girlfriend Gabby. After going 25 days without seeing it was time to go home. With all the holiday hustle and bustle being over for a few weeks I’m now preparing for my next and final event of the 2019 year. This weekend I’ll be competing in the Rivera Open in Daytona Beach this Saturday and Sunday. This will also be my first professional event since I moved down here. I’m really excited for this weekend, it gives me a chance to see where I match up with a higher level of talented opponents. My game has been feeling so good lately, my swing feels great and my confidence level is right where it needs to be for me to do well this weekend.

On this week’s blog I’ll be starting something new. This portion of the blog is where Ill be talking about helpful life, diet, and fitness tips than everyone can do to help improve their overall wellness. Today, more specifically we will be talking about is meditation. Many of us go to the gym and work out our bodies, however we seldom forget that our mind is also a muscle and needs to be worked out. “Working out your mind?” A common question many people ask. That’s where meditation comes in. Meditation allows us to free our mind of the everyday clutter than life brings to us. This clutter can cause a variety of issues, stress, anger, fear, anxiety. Mediation, just like running on the treadmill helps you lose weight, mediation helps cure all those unwanted unseen problems. Now on to practicing mediation. The practice of meditation is extremely easy and simple. Step one NO ELECTRONICS. One of our biggest problems as humans today is, we are connected. Step one is to disconnect. Step two, find a quiet place, and place where you feel safe and comfortable. Mediation is all about relaxation, if you aren’t relaxed you won’t be able to heal yourself. Step three focus on one positive thought and fixate on that thought throughout your mediation practice. This will allow your mind to concrete on good things and not stray away into bad unhealthy thoughts. Step four, breathe. Many forget that our breath holds a lot of energy. When you have fast uneven breathes that causes negative emotion to surface, but when you have calm, steady, even breathes the feeling of happiness, content and safety enter your mind, body, and soul. Step five remain as still as possible. The body needs to feel relaxed, the more still your body the better your mediation practice will become. Finally, enjoy yourself. Mediation is just for your own benefit; you get out of it what you put in. Remember, it’s a workout for your mind.

I will also be ending all of my posts with a daily quote or mantra that I live by. Ill leave you all with this, “Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.”