January 26, 2020

Hello Everyone,

        I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year.  This post will serve as an update on how life here in Florida is going.  How my golf game is progressing and what will be in store for the future in regards to my competitive career events.  The month of January has been pretty good to me. I have played in three events and placed Top 20 in 2 out of 3 of the events.  January has been extremely busy and a roller coaster of a month.  When you are traveling so frequently, as I have it gets difficult to keep everything balanced.  The body starts to suffer and sometimes the swing does as well.  All things considered, January was a really good month for me and if it is any indication on how the rest of 2020 is going to go, I’m going to be in for one of my best years’ yet.

        My last event for a few weeks was last weekend at the Hammock Beach Golf Resort where I placed 18th after 3 solid rounds in tough windy conditions. For the next couple weeks, I have some time off to get back into the gym and really dial in on my game. I’m really excited to have some time off and not be in tournaments for a few weeks.  It is nice to give the body and mind a break from competition.  I will be back in the grind of competition in a few weeks.   February 22nd and 23rd, I will be playing in another Florida Professional Golf event, to tune up for MacKenzie Tour Q-School in March.

I received some fantastic news, on Friday January 24th, my Q-School location.   Thankfully, I will be playing at my first-choice location, Mission Inn Resort and Golf Club March 2nd through 8th.  This is the big one, this is the one we have all been working for since I arrived in Florida in November.  I’m very excited and feeling extremely confident on where my game is and where it is going to be in the next 5 weeks.

        As for my personal life down here, it is pretty hard to have a bad life when it is 75 and sunny every single day.  However, life does get lonely at times, being away from your love ones, but right now I am too motivated and driven to let any of that get in the way of chasing my dreams.  It’s “Go” time now, from here on out, stay tuned Team Mike, big things are coming in the next 6 weeks.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”