“You will outlast your problems”

October 1, 2020

Hey everyone,

After a few months break from writing my personal blog, I am back.   I took the break because I was looking for inspiration.  I could not figure out what was important for me or what would be worthwhile to my readers.   Recently, I found that inspiration to start to write again.  I understand my platform is not that large, but I feel that reach enough people to get my word out there.  In my mind, I feel that if I can help, enlighten, and inspire just one person then I have accomplished my goal.  More specifically, this week I plan on talking about something that is very important to me and is especially relevant during the current climate our world faces.  This week’s post will be named “You are not alone.”

For the past 6 years mental health issues have been such an important issue to me.  It is something that I hold very close to my heart.  We tend to forget how important positive, healthy mental health is to an individual.  This is such an important issue for me because like many people across the world, I have seen what life is like when a person is riddled with depression, loneliness, anger, and pain.  Each of one those feelings slowly chip away at a person until there is almost nothing left.  I call them emotions the “Soul Stealers” because for every second we feel that way a piece of our soul is taken from us and without our soul, we are just a shell. For a long time, I was a shell of a person, always angry and frustrated with everything in my life.  I was never happy.  I never found the good.  I always fixated on the negative. It broke me down in ways that I could not possibly describe.  I was utterly and totally lost.  Every relationship in my life suffered and I pushed friends and family away.  The worst part about it all was I told nobody. I thought that “these were my feelings” or “I got myself into this; I can get myself out.”  Boy was I wrong.  We as human beings are not meant to do anything alone.  We can only thrive when we have each other.  When I finally realized there was a problem, I told myself I would fix myself.  I got the help I needed. I changed the way I saw the world; I came to terms with the damage that was done, the relationships I lost, and made my peace with it.  I learned that life is not perfect, and it is not easy.  I figured out how to get up and try again when I failed.  I learned that I was put here on this planet for a reason and for a purpose.  I realized that I mattered.

Every single person on the planet matters to somebody, there is a place for everyone.  As I learned to deal with these emotions and learned how to combat them, I was given one of the best techniques that I still use today.  Whenever you are feeling sad, angry, depressed, feel like you don’t matter, grab a piece of paper and write down every single person in your life that you matter to you.  By the time you are finished, I promise you, you will have an exceptionally long list.  Once you make this list talk to these people, they are there for you.  Do not push them away because you are scared, talking is what is going to save you.  We forget all the people we matter to because these negative feelings suffocate us.  It is time, that we as humans reach out and save one another.  We are all we have; we are the only thing that matters.  It is time, we remember that we work to help those who need it.  At the end of the day, this fact is quite simple, life is hard yet very precious.  Life will be beat you down in ways you never thought possible.  It will throw wrenches in your plans, make you scream to the heavens asking “WHY”,  but at the end of the day when your head hits the pillow and the lights go out just know that it is just the beginning, it isn’t the end.  

One of the favorite quotes on the planet……“You will outlast your problems”