“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat”

December 12, 2020


Hey guys it has been awhile since I wrote on my personal blog. My buddy Tyler and I started a golf blog that has just been a ton of fun creating and writing. Between that and my practice schedule its been crazy but being busy is my absolute favorite. I feel like it gives me purpose and direction and I am sure a lot of people can attest to that feeling. Nevertheless, when I do have the free time I love to write on my personal blog because it gives me a chance to step away from golf and just freely write about anything that runs through my brain. Lately a lot of people in my life have been struggling with various things whether it be a bad break up, fighting with a loved one, struggling to find love, or just the overall feeling of struggles in life and by no means is somebody struggles insignificant, everyone is facing different battles. There is one quote that I really like that completely describes this idea of everyone facing different, equally important struggles, “were all in the same storm, but were all in different boats.” It is tough to watch the people you care about go through these things because most of them are completely out of your control and they are pretty much par for the course when it comes to life. However, while it seems like it will not improve, I am here to tell you that it does get better, it gets so much better. In keeping with the trend of naming my posts, this post is called “it gets better.”

                We all have this idea of what are lives are supposed to be, the job were supposed to have, the person were supposed to be with, it is this pretty little picture in this perfect world where nothing bad happens. Well that idea is full of crap. Our lives are not meant to be perfect; it is meant to be hard. If life were easy, we would all be living in this pretty little dream world where it is always sunny, happy, and perfect 24/7. Life is meant to be hard, it is supposed to knock us down, challenge us, make us feel broken, and make us ask why would this happened to me? I used to ask myself that question myself a lot, why me? I am a hard worker; I am a good person why can’t I catch a break? I finally understood that we make our breaks. We control the outcome of our lives. The best thing I ever did was stop asking myself “why me” and started to see everything bad that happened to me as a challenge. Each tough break or crappy day was a challenge to create a better life for myself. When something bad happens in our lives we have two choices; we can let it control us, hold us back, and keep us down or we can get up brush ourselves off and press on.

                The life that is out there is waiting for us is beyond incredible, and we absolutely cannot let the curveballs life throws at us knock us off our path. Both my parents spent the better part of my life telling me that if you want something go out there and get it, no excuses, fight through adversity, and press on no matter what happens. We just cannot quit on ourselves; no hurdle is high enough that we cannot get over.

As many of you know or do not know but music for me is major part of my life. There is one song that pretty much sums up a lot of what I am saying, and how important our hard days are. This song may not be for everyone, but I implore you all to give it a listen. Hard Days by Brantley Gilbert. No matter what happens, no matter what battles are, remember that it gets better.


“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat”