Keep Moving Forward

December 5, 2021

Hey Everyone,


It’s been a little while since my last post and it’s the same story every time, just

plain old busy. I love being busy, it is good for me physically and mentally.

However, today I will not be talking about how busy I am. I thought it would be a great time for reflection. I think reflection is one of the healthiest things we can do as individuals. As the year is coming to an end, I decided to talk about this past year and how my life changed in hundred different ways.  Keeping with tradition this post will be called, “A Year Ago.”


This time last year I was all over the place. Life was up and down, golf was a nightmare and life was just down right not fun.  I was in a place where the world around me was gray and dull.  I felt lifeless and weak.  I forgot why I started this journey with golf and that was the worst part.  I spent so much time looking for negatives, living in the past and beating myself up. It was a pretty dark time for me. Then one day I hit rock bottom and I knew if I didn’t pick myself up, I’d never be the same. So, I kept on moving a long, for a while I was stagnant and did not get better or worse.  I think it is a hard place to be because it is mostly filled with the fear of “what happens if I fall back into those feelings.” Months pass and still not feeling like I am going anywhere, then it happened.

There was no big moment for me; no life altering moment, it was like a switch. I finally started to make the choice to be happy. Now I am not saying I magically was a changed man by any means. I just decided I wanted more out of myself. So, I sat down one day and started writing everything I wanted to accomplish before the year was over.  These were goals at the time that I did not want to share, but now it feels right.  My two main goals throughout this struggle, I told myself that I would stop hating myself; would be proud of myself and believe in myself.  I moved through the next six months in all kinds of pain, good and bad just continuing to fix myself.  After a while, I started to see amazing things out of myself. I started to become proud of myself, I even smiled a little bit more. I woke up last week and for the first time in a long time I felt like me again.


It has been a painful year, but I am glad it happened. As I continue to reflect, I become more and more proud of myself.  I did not realize how far I have come. I did not realize all the good I have done and all the lives I have impacted.  I had a life altering year.

People only remember the bad because it makes us hurt more and leaves a much more lasting impression. 2022 is going to be the year, I focus on the good and focus on the best parts of life. Life is not easy, but success comes through challenges. The best things in life are some of the hardest to earn.  It is going to take time and we probably won’t get it right the first or even the 500th time. That’s okay, keep going!  There are two things in life that are definite: we are born, and we are going to die. Make everything in between incredible.


“The reason why most people fail is because

they give up what they want the most for what they want now”